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Waxing is a form of semi permanent hair removal designed to leave you hair free for 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth and type.

For best results, hair growth for underarms, legs and bikini area should be a minimum of 2cm long (or the length of a grain of rice).

Eyebrow wax and shape £8

Eyebrows & lip or chin £13

Upper lip or chin £8

Upper lip & chin £14

Eyebrows, lip & chin £18

Underarms £10

Full leg £32

3/4 leg £27

1/2 leg £23

Full leg & bikini £40

Bikini line £14

Strip £25

If having facial waxing please stop any forms of Retinol treatments 48hours prior to your treatment.

Eyebrow Wax
Waxing Aftercare Advice
Avoid heat treatments such as sunbeds, saunas and hot tubs/swimming for 24hrs after.

Do not apply highly fragranced products to the waxed area including, antiperspirants, body lotions, perfume or cosmetics.

Allow 24 hours before using any Glycolic or Apha-hydroxy acid treatments.

Wear loose clothing for 12 hours after waxing.

For best results repeat your waxing very 4-6 weeks.

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