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with normal polish £26

with gel polish £32

Total foot care from start to finish.

Foot soak, cuticle removal, nails cut and filed, hard skin buffed, moisturising leg and foot massage.

Finish with your choice of polish.

Toe nail tidy £12

Toe nails cut and filed.


ELIM Medi Heel Pedi

ELIM is a medical grade pedicure treatment which uses state of the art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet, leaving them smooth and silky soft.

Safe for diabetics ( no blade ) method of removing dry , hard skin.

Full ELIM Pedi & heel peel 

All dry, hard and callused areas treated and removed with a liquid solution to break down hard skin, AHA foot and leg exfoliation, ultra mud mask, spa additive soak, foot protector with leg and foot massage, cuticle work, nails cut/filed, normal varnish included £37

Add gel polish £10

*please wear loose fitting clothing that can be rolled up to the knee.

ELIM Heel Peel

All dry, hard skin and callused areas treated and removed, followed by foot protector, normal varnish included £29

Add gel polish £10

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