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Covid 19 - Salon Reopening

Holistic health and beauty

Covid 19

Salon reopening and how things will change.

Hello! How have you all been?

I won’t lie, I have quite enjoyed the rest, but am just as keen to get the salon back up and running and introduce a little bit of routine and normality back into life!

Although I say normality, I have a feeling the new normal could be very different for quite some time, but rest assured I have plans in place to ensure we can all adapt quickly and smoothly.

When can salons reopen?

All being well, the planned re-opening date for salons across the UK will be Saturday 4th July (fingers crossed).

I plan to start contacting clients that had their appointments cancelled when lockdown was announced from the moment the Government confirm it is safe to do so.

I have everyone in order that their appointments were cancelled on a list and will work my way through in order to keep it fair.

My usual working times may vary to begin with as I am still homeschooling, but I will try my best to accommodate everyone, even though there may be a wait time initially. Please be gentle with me ;0)

What changes have been made to the salon?

Well I haven’t just had plenty of rest during all of this time, I have looked at the salon with fresh eyes, followed a risk assessment, learned some new skills, improved on old ones and added some pretty bits along the way too!

I still want you all to have the same enjoyable experience, and your health and safety is paramount, so what I have made doubly sure of, is that everything is easy to clean and keep on top of, so a good declutter has been in order.

New rules mean soft furnishings have to be kept to a minimum so fluffy cosy items are rather scarce but you are still welcome to bring a freshly washed blanket of your own should you wish.


Extra PPE items for every treatment have been purchased, whether this be pedi bowl liners, individual nail files, buffers, disposable foot files, sensor operated hand gel dispensers, disposable blue roll, gloves, masks, aprons and medical grade pillows etc…

I will now wear a mask and gloves for all treatments.

All clients must also wear their own mask that they bring with them, I will have spares available to purchase if needed.

Due to all of the added extra PPE I have introduced, there has been a very small price increase to some treatments to help cover these costs. I have kept it to an absolute minimum but must do so to ensure everyones safety and make the running of the salon cost effective.

Smooth Operation

So, this may sound like a lot of changes but please don’t worry, you can leave most of them to me.

All I ask of you is to follow these new guidelines to ensure that we are kept safe and well.

Meanwhile, can we all please keep everything crossed for a grand reopening on 4th July!

I have missed you all and cannot wait to see everyone again, until then, stay safe and see you soon, As'ka xx

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